Leanne Steeghs

  • Opdrachtgever:
    Leanne Steeghs, systemic trainer and team coach, author
  • Soort opdracht:

Something old, something new...

Something borrowed, something blue green. When developing a new website for an existing company, it is good to determine what has to go. And... what must remain!

In the case of Leanne Steeghs (known from the book Unlocking systemic wisdom) the logo was an important factor. The small wing in the icon is fragile, yet very powerful. Exactly the kind of vulnerability that is so important in Leanne's work. So, that could stay!

We also kept the beautiful green colour. Green stands for peace, balance and innovation. Beautiful, but it needed some umpf: a fine carmine tint.

The images play an important role. We have opted for photos that have something to do with sports or exercise. That fits with Leanne herself, and also with her way of working.

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