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    logo, corporate identity and website
De achterzijde van de visitekaartjes van Zinpact, ontworpen door Dai Dai Design
Het logo van Zinpact wordt gestempeld

Changing is not an easy thing to do.

It requires strength. Vision. Courage. Zinpact strengthens power to change.

Zinpact stands for changing with a lasting impact. This is exactly what I tried to show through the logo. No ‘neatly smoothed out’ typography; rather a more tough approach. Every change process differs, similarly to every envelope: that’s why we developed a stamp with an ‘approved’ colour, to ensure every envelope is unique.

Judith and Reinate wanted their business cards to have a personal touch to ensure recognisability yet did not want a standard picture. I therefore decided to edit their photograph with a stamp effect.

Exceptional Talent
Voor- en achterkant van het visitekaartje van Judith van Loon van Zinpact
De verschillende huisstijluitingen van Zinpact, ontworpen door Dai Dai Design

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