WiFi Wise

  • Client:
    WiFi Wise B.V.
  • Commission type:
    Full branding
WiFi Wise visitekaartjes
Corporate Identity Wifi Wise

The superheroes of WiFi Wise

Out of the box, decisive and direct. These characteristics are clearly being reflected in the brand values of WiFi Wise.

Superheroes are the inspiration for this logo. Batman, Captain America and WonderWoman all have powerful charisma.

The combination of the W with the outer arches of the WiFi symbol - also mirrored - forms the basis of the logo. The logo is cut open, creating a sort of maze. After all, building a good WiFi network can be a complete puzzle.

Dai Dai Design has also designed the WiFi Wise website.

WiFi Wise schets 1
WiFi Wise schets 2
Logoschetsen voor WiFi Wise
Sticker WiFi Wise
WiFi Wise rollup banner

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