Infographic VVAO

  • Client:
    VVAO / AM Kwadraat
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Infographic VVAO - AM Kwadraat

A new insightful direction

How can you ensure the new mission and vision of a large corporation are insightful? This is the question VVAO and I tried to answer through our work.
In the capacity of the commissioner of VVAO, the association of women with a higher degree, Annelies Meijers of AM Kwadraat took on a beautiful challenge. The aim: visualize the new direction of VVAO to the department executives and 3600 members in a creative way. The new strategy is key. Quickly summarised this covers the following:
  • Enliven the association
  • Simplify procedures
  • Centralise departments
  • A facilitating organization

Click here to see the full infographic (PDF, in Dutch).


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