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Detail of the infographic
Ervaringsnavigatie ProRail - Powered by Forzes

Infographic for management trainees

Forzes conducted a qualitative investigation along with trainees for ProRail. The central question: what do they believe to be educative in their trainee exercises?

Based on their results, and in collaboration with Forzes and ProRail, I designed a so-called ‘experience navigation’. In itself, it is quite the obvious choice to use railways for a design for ProRail. However, I actually chose this specific railway shape as it fits the trajectory of trainees and their personal development to the T.

The central station is called ‘Personal Leadership’, and the other train stations are called ‘Competent Professional’, ‘Catching Team Builder’, ‘Creative Flip Thinker’ and ‘Driven Entrepreneur’.

It’s only a matter of it not being really applicable to me anymore, otherwise I immediately would have applied for a traineeship. Super cool!

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