AM Kwadraat - Province North Brabant

  • Client:
    Annelies Meijers
  • Commission type:
    Infographic as a certificate of participation
AM Kwadraat - infographic voor Provincie Noord-Brabant

A key role for visuals

AM Kwadraat has trained program managers and project managers at the province of North Brabant for six years.

The participants in the training afterwards receive a certificate, on which the most important elements of the training are indicated in a visually appealing way.

In addition, course materials have been developed in collaboration with AM Kwadraat, also with a visual approach.

Een aantal visuals voor AM Kwadraat, gebruikt bij Provincie Noord-Brabant

AM Kwadraat - figuur Risman
AM Kwadraat - Provincie Noord-Brabant - De zeven vragen
AM Kwadraat - Provincie Noord-Brabant - Een totempaal bouw je samen

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