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Infographics & visuals

Clarify or simplify complex cases with a clear infographic or a capturing visual.

An infographic is used to present the information in a visually appealing and compact manner. A quality infographic is something you want to go through and fully take in. The same goes for data visualisations. If you can literally show the ‘how much’ factor, it allows the customer to make sense of it.

I make visuals and illustrations for usage on websites, throughout presentations or next to an article in magazines. The techniques and styles, analogues as well as digital, are diverse. It can be a sleek, playful or any other style you should desire! Please take a look at the frequently asked questions for further information.

Why Dai Dai Design visuals?

  • I help with structuring (view example)
  • A style ensured to suit your organisation
  • Can also be used in PowerPoint of blog posts