Pilates & zo

  • Client:
    Nancy van Dijk
  • Commission type:
    Corporate identity and vehicle graphics

Bright yellow and perfect purple

Pilates & zo has a look which is slightly different than you’d expect. Nothing too floaty: just bright yellow and perfect purple. Ha!

This is something which really suits Nancy, the driving force behind Pilates & zo. Coming up with ideas myself is something that most clients enjoy, yet Nancy rather takes matters in her own hand. The designing process often starts with Nancy’s concepts, designed in her go-to software: Powerpoint. This is what I use as a start. It sounds like Nancy is a control freak, but no. She just knows exactly what she wants, which is at the heart of her success. Our co-productions (since the start of Pilates & zo in 2010) are made with a lot of fun. We respect each other’s experience and share our commitment. In short: a true party!

Exceptional Talent
Pilates & zo autobelettering
Briefpapier PIlates & zo

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