Kusters Fotografie

  • Client:
    Hubaer Kusters
  • Commission type:
    Business gift

Another story!

Literally translated ‘andere koek’ would mean ‘another biscuit’ – an expression in Dutch to indicate that this is a completely different thing. A business gift is often not the most exciting item to design. Yet a cookie jar? That is another biscuit!

Hubaer Kusters is an particularly good photographer, besides being an extraordinary human. His attitude to his personal life sustains when it comes down to his clients. His dedication is reflected in his work. This is the exact reason I did not have to dwell on what the ingredients had to be. It became the following:

Ingredients: 75% love for product photography, 50% expertise, 50% pleasure to work with clients, 25% extra energy to create something beautiful

Someone quick at math must have seen it adds up to 200%. This is the exact way Hubaer completes his assignments!

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