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On this page you can find the answers to questions I hear most often. Do you have a question which has not been answered here? Please let me know!

Logo & branding

How much does a logo design cost?
Since everyone’s needs differ a lot, I am not using standard prices or packages. I can however give a rough indication: a basic word trade mark (not a symbol) can be designed around 400 euros excluding VAT. A logo that consists of both a wordmark and symbol approximately costs between 900 euros and 1800 euros excluding VAT. This all depends on the time spent on the conceptualisation phase and organisational size.
Will I be granted ownership to the logo rights?
Yes. Even though I would be highly disappointed if you pursue aesthetically irresponsible behaviour: it is your logo. As soon as the invoice has been paid, the rights will be transferred to you fully.
How many revision rounds do I get for a logo design?
I do not work with revision rounds. For most clients it is scary enough to have a new logo designed. Therefore, it is important to me that you are actually satisfied with your new logo. There are no risks. We will always find our way, I am the client whisperer. :-)
Which files do I receive for my logo?
For digital use you will receive a JPG, PNG (with a transparent background) and potentially SVG-files. For printed matter you will receive the original files used in Adobe Illustrator. These files are independent of resolution. They can be used for every type of printed matter, from usage for business cards to the lettering on a city bus.
How much does the design of a corporate identity cost?

This is hard to indicate: it all depends on the required items. For a small organisation I often start with 450 euros excluding VAT. I would love to make a customised proposal!

Revision rounds

In contrast to a logo design, I do make use of a revision round. It doesn't mean you can't change anything, it just costs some extra money.


I deliver ready-for-printing PDF’s not the original source file (further explanation at frequently asked questions in the graphic design category).

Graphic design

Do I have to provide my own texts?
You can, but don’t have to. Most clients decide to provide a rough text. I then check the text on structure, writing style and spelling, to ensure that you present yourself optimally. I can also write the text for you, by first looking at your vision and what you want to achieve.
How can I provide photos?


  • Send photos by e-mail or WeTransfer (a free of charge platform, which helps you sending files in a simple manner without registration).
  • I prefer to receive photos with a higher resolution. Reducing size is not a problem, whereas increasing its size is.


  • Preferably do not send photos through Facebook, WhatsApp or other platforms: they usually reduce the file size to be able to send them. This sadly does not improve its quality. 
  • Preferably do not send photos in a Word file. This is another platform which reduces the file size. It also increases the total time spent on the project, as I have to save each photo separately from the World file. It is of course useful as a reference to detect which photo belongs to a certain paragraph.
  • Please do not save a JPG file more than necessary. Every time you press ‘save’, the file size is reduced.

Can you also take photographs or get them online?

If you do not have suitable photos for your brochure or other display, I can take care of it. I can take photographs myself, yet for certain cases and for quality product photographs I cooperate with Hubaer Kusters. I can also look for stock photos. These are photos that can be downloaded against payment. The minimum cost of each download is 10 euros per photo excluding VAT.

In terms of printers, how does it work?

Do you already have a printer? Great! For many clients I tend to work with a printer or copy shop close to their organisations.  

Do you not yet have a network connection in the printer world? I have an extended network of suppliers. I work with printers of different price ranges, also internet printers. Besides, I am in contact with printers whom solely print sustainably on recycled paper.

Can I adjust things in the design?

I make a ready-to-print PDF. Unless you use Adobe Acrobat, it is unfortunately not possible to incorporate any changes. Before the document becomes definitive, I can of course adjust anything you wish to. This of course also holds for a possible following version of the document.

Can I receive the original source file?

No. I format the files in Adobe InDesign. I then make a ready-to-print PDF, which is the file I make available. I cannot share the source file, as this usually brings problems on, in terms of the licensing of used fonts and photos. Besides, the source file is something that belongs to the designer, similarly to blueprints of an architect, or a recipe of a chef.

Infographics & visuals

I need help to develop my concept, is that possible?

Do you only have a rough idea, but are uncertain how to develop this in a concrete way? No problem! We will take a look at it together. Even wild ideas doodled on the back of a coaster are welcome. I enjoy developing it into something concrete, compelling and/or presentable.

Which styles can I go for?

A variety. I often make vector-oriented visuals, yet I can also help with more playful designs, possibly designed by Julia van Straaten of Alies de Groot. Are you looking for something special? Please let me know!

Is the infographic usable for PowerPoint?

Absolutely! A lot of infographics have a specific tall aspect ratio. For usage within your PowerPoint or blogpost, the infographic can be cut into separate pieces. Each component can be saved as PNG or JPG, which can be used separately. For instance, this is usually possible for visuals such as management models. For that too, I can send a JPG or PNG if wanted.

Web design

How much does a website cost?
How much does a car cost? Annoying returning question of course, yet it is difficult to say how much a website would cost. If you can indicate what you are visualising and which functionality you are looking for, I can make a customised proposal. In terms of a global indication: it starts around 1200 euros.
Can I adjust things on the website myself?
Yes. I design the websites in Joomla or WordPress. Both Content Management Systems (CMS) work with a Word-like editor. Anyone can place content (such as texts and photos) without any previous technical knowledge. With some explanations and a possible video instruction, you will find your way. In terms of formatting, you do not have to do anything yourself. This is a pre-set template which ensures a consistent website.
Can I outsource content management?
Of course. I provide content for the websites of several clients. If you do not have the time or interest to do so yourself: no problem. I often look for specific visualisations connected to a blogpost (or something else) for clients.
How does the website maintenance work?
Every website requires maintenance, especially with the increasing number of hackers. A maintenance agreement is thus always part of my proposal. You are not required to do so, yet for 350 euros a year (excluding VAT) you have one less thing to worry about. I ensure that Joomla or Wordpress stays up-to-date, adjust your template or theme and every extension. On a yearly basis, that is many updates! Most hackers also want to send spam through your website. This makes every website interesting, yours also.

Is your question not presented, or do you seek a customised proposal?